Whether you have a small amount to invest on a monthly basis or a large capital lump sum to invest, we can offer advice on the most suitable product for you and we have access to some of the UK’s top specialist fund managers on a referral basis who will be able to look after your funds. Some of these fund managers are normally only available to large institutional investors, but because we are part of Quilter Financial Limited, our scale enables us to refer you on to fund managers who will be able to create funds on behalf of the average investor. We offer some of the most competitive products available in the market place, thus ensuring that your investment suits your needs at the right cost.

Retirement Planning

We understand the importance of having a varied approach to your financial planning for retirement because each individual’s circumstances are different. Whether you are self-employed or employed, our expert Pension Advisers can help you take full advantage of the tax incentives for pension savings and ensure that you start planning for the retirement you always dreamed of now.

We also have the in-house expertise to review company linked pension schemes to ensure these remain competitive for you, particularly if you have changed employment and are leaving an old pension scheme behind.

And when you are at the point of retirement we can offer a range of pension solutions designed to provide you with both a regular retirement income and a tax-free lump sum (should you desire it).

Protecting You and Your Family

Throughout over 25 years in the industry we have helped many Clients come through the problems that life can throw at them, from serious injury to critical illness and early death. We offer an extensive range of products and can advise you on what combination of Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover and/or Income Protection will best deliver you and your family peace of mind.


Buying your home is the biggest purchase you are ever likely to make and, with so many companies offering so many mortgage deals, choosing the right one for you can be difficult. Our Advisers have expert knowledge and can guide you through our mortgage range, helping you to choose the right deal at a competitive rate of interest. Whether you are moving home or simply looking to re-mortgage we can help you find the product that suits you best.

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